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       poENtry slam

                                            Make the stage your universe


PoENtry slam is an English-language poetry slam event at La Tinta Roja, aimed at promoting spoken word performance.
The monthly event kicked off this April with a competition featuring 10 international slam poets performing their work. The competition is judged by the audience, so the event welcomes all who enjoy live performance art - or are just looking for the chance to bring out their inner Simon Cowell.
                              Metropolitan Barcelona


PoENtry Slam is a project, coming from our love to english poetry and performance.

We live in a period that the need for expression, is not limited only to the mute appearance of a silicone idea, but it’s looking for the yell of the body and the priceless wet dreams of the emotions.

We are looking for people, from all over the world, who would like to perform poetry in English in Barcelona!

As everybody has the right to judge art, you are all invited to score the words, demand emotions and enjoy the show.

This is a monthly event in the form of a tournament of poetry slam competition in English.

You can find us the last weekend of every month at the beautiful venue of Tinta Roja in Poble-Sec. Like our FB page in order to be updated with all the details.

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