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A unique poetry with music show


A show based on the song of Metalica "Nothing Else Matters" that brings out the deep depth of the lyrics of the song via acoustic and experimental poetry performances of the best spoken word artists in Barcelona, accompanied by live and digital instruments.

Makis Moulos

Spoken Word artist / Events organizer


Makis Moulos is an multidisciplinary artist who combines poetry with art and art with prohibided needs. He is the organizer of cultural events since 2018, having contributed to Barcelona's and Athen's poetry scene for many years, and now he is focusing on experimental poetry with mindfullness sounds, and new sides of feelings via the intimate tunels of his self. He experimented with global cultural acceptance of art, and he is now dreaming of a stable rollercoaster that will give him a meaning of life. You can find him at open mics, concerts, festivals, and friend's terraces listening to music or just performing his life,

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Spoken Word artist / Actress / Singer

Meet Yzaura, a voice that captures the essence of the human experience, from the trials of aging to the depths of emotional journeys. Her podcast, 'How About A Story,' showcases her talents as she performs and produces soundscapes bringing depth to each fairytale. Yzaura also wrote and directed 'A True Crime Investigation In Fairy Tale Land,' an audio drama weaving together elements of fairy tales and true crime. You can find Yzaura sharing the stage at open mics across Barcelona. 

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Ioana Lungu

Spoken Word artist / Workshop facilitator

Ioana is a poet and spoken word artist who took her poems on stage for the first time when she moved to Barcelona. In the past 3 years, she participated in different events, open mics, and slam competitions in Spain, the UK, and Portugal. Ioana is also a creative facilitator, organizing poetry workshops and gatherings where people can explore and expand their writing. She's currently working on her first poetry book and planning a sabbatical on two continents.

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Joanna d’Arc

Cellist / Singer

Joanna d’Arc began her artistic journey in Poland as a successful cellist: she won a national cello competition and received a third prize at the national Johann Sebastian Bach competition. 

A few years ago she added voice to her musical performances that until now she performed only on the cello. Thus, she has created a completely new and unique musical experience for her audience. She is pioneering a new approach to the classical crossover genre as there are not that many singing cellists in the world - the coordination between the cello and singing is considered one of the most difficult amongst musical arts.
Joanna d'Arc performs primarily in Barcelona, but through social media she shares her unique artistic experience with her audience around the world. When she is not performing, she is creating epic reels and videos around her beloved Barcelona and Catalynua - check her most recent one here.

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Spoken word artist / singer / guitarist

Ling is a cosmic chameleon on an intergalactic hike. She once got caught up whilst bypassing this chaotic world, trying to fight her way back to bliss.


Bombarded with illusions, tricks and disinformation, and uneasy with the mass taming of wild and beautiful humans, she now dedicates her energy to running in the cracks of statements and finding the space between the spaces.


She intertwines poems through songs and mythicism through reality. Her music is a fusion of many ingredients picked up along the journey, including folk, psychedelic rock and soul.

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