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Blanche A Ellis

Blanche A Ellis (UK), was born in London, Camden Town. Her drawing, dancing and music feel akin to her, the arc of a line is the gesture of the body and the sign of a melody, her figurative work plays along these lines of abstraction, distortion and metamorphosis. The plurality of expression that blurs the boarders between various art forms makes it natural for her to mix media and styles, Blanche is searching for those lived moments that are ‘unfixed’, always evolving.
Blanche experiments with writing, symbols and visual language and she is fascinated by how images and words run together and alongside, and by the writing that patterns our public and private spaces. She is a great lover of handwriting and an avid letter writer. These things in turn, all feed back into her work which is tied up with the traces written into our bodies by time and experience.
Check her work here.
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