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Sarah Nichols

Harpist, storyteller and educator, Sarah Nichols, has an unusual international background, giving her an exciting array of stories to tell. Born and educated in Paris, where her parents settled, Sarah is the daughter of a Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) mother and Welsh Patagonian father.


Sarah has had an impressive career in both music and education. She has performed and given workshops around the world and has led several educational projects of her own. She is the founder of Modern Troubadours, a music theatre company that combines music and the ancient art of storytelling. The company has created several shows, including “Traveling Stories”, “Fiesta de los Muertos” and “Once Upon a Harp” and has received 4 star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. Sarah is also the winner of the PoENtry Slam competition July 2018 in Barcelona.


Sarah loves traveling and after living in France, UK and the Netherlands, she now resides in Barcelona where she works as a language and music teacher and continues to perform harp, storytelling and poetry.

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