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Jane Dalida 

Jane Dalida (Greece), is a London based artist, scientist and activist. She was born in Greece and moved to United Kingdom at the age of 18, where she studied engineering and arts. She is into music from a very early age as a compulsive collector and the latest years, Jane is collaborating in various artistic projects.

Her performing style is provocative and somehow erotic, consisting of poetry with deep and experimental vocals and musical techno beats. She combines all her academic knowledge and artistic spirit and experiences to deliver elements of lo-fi aesthetics and futuristic vocals, aiming to lead the audience to the unknown.



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Jane is the main character of a new project of experimental video, poetry and music, called The Digital Girl and created in the period of the pandemic, due to the need of expression under unique circumstances.


This artistic project is a collaboration with the multidisciplinary arstist Makis Moulos and their motto is:

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- We have EXperiMENTAL for BREAKfast -

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